Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Spiraling into the Land of Magic Myths and Fairy tale's"

This week on my weekly blog I have the pleasure of visiting the Land of Magic Myths and Fairy tale's, a land where the old Celtic Fairy tale's are told and represented in the simplest of ways. Or in more simple terms I visited TheSpiralgodess shop on etsy. Where you can purchase anything from a Celtic heart pendant to a vial of Jack the rippers blood, anything and everything mystical and fairytale you can find on Ellen (the owner of spiralgodess) shop.

Whats Ellen's inspiration? Well for that I had to go to Ellen.
"Having always been a crafter, whether it’s making jewelery, baking or jam making, I always have new ideas popping into my head. I Love Fairy tale's and Magical stories, ever since I was a child and my Father gathered us around to tell us the ancient Irish Legends they have fueled my imagination. Now with my own children I get to relive them. So it seemed natural to me to include some of their elements in my creations. Vampires, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Witches, Wizards (evil or good) fascinate me. I remember the first time I heard the Snow White Fairytale, I wanted to know exactly how the Queen made her Magical Potions. So now I make my own and put them in my Magical Vials".

TheSpiralgodess shop is so whimsical you instantly love it, for its charm, for its Fantasy, after all who among us lovers of all things fairytale and fantasy don't love the whole idea of the Celtic past, the fairy tale's told of the magical thistles which would not be trod upon and would alert the Celts to the coming of the vikings. To the beautiful meaning behind the Celtic Knot, of endless love with no beginning or end. And lets hope like the grand Celtic knot that TheSpiralGodess never ends.

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