Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Spring Flowers Bloom!

So tomorrow will be the 7 months mark, since I embarked on this journey of designing cancer awareness Jewelry. So far it has been a lovely road of bringing a little sparkle to someone in pain, of a new diagnosis. And yet it amazed even me when i made myself a Brain cancer awareness bracelet so many months ago. It seem through it I could channel some comfort that I believed so much in my Aunt who had passed away, that from that little bracelet, I drew her strength. And mostly remembered her wisdom, in times of discomfort and confusion.

But to me it seems that with such a tragedy brings also understanding, making us stronger and lifts the vale from our eyes, so that we can truly see others as they ought to be seen. Sadly many use such sadness to draw attention to themselves and forget the ones that truly matter, the ones left behind and devastated by the loss, who cannot cope with the daily reminders of the beautiful life that once was. But to bare others trials and tribulations half-ens their burden, such small acts can have profound impacts. A moment to say hello, I am thinking of you, a call or a simple little two second e-mail could be so important as to save a life in my book. I believe that the ones we have lost would be ashamed if we were not all to band together a look after thoughts they have left behind, they do not wish to be left alone with their memory's and pain as the walls close in on them.

So maybe nobody will ever read this post, but I hope thoughts who need to hear it do, and feel bad, but do something about it. Love is in the wind, and when i look at the wild poppy's and flowers I remember that the memory's of the ones lost to cancer is all around us, lets not forget them or thoughts they left for us to watch over.