Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Vacation For Mom!

This Week I am writing about my mission to raise money via my shop at to send my Mom and Dad on a camping trip to Klamath Ca to the Tree's of Mystery. All sales 100% goes towards their camping trip and in addition I am offering a 15% discount coupon available in my shop announcement.

Now why give my parents a vacation, well because they haven't had one since 2002. And since that time my father has suffered a major stroke and my mother has been injured to the point of disability at work supporting my disabled father.

Like many people today in this recession the thought of any sort of simple brake away from all the stresses of life is the only happy thought many people may have all day or all week. The daily struggle to keep your home and pay the bills can eat you up and before you know it you can't remember the last time you smiled, let alone enjoyed yourself or time with your loved ones. And lets face it our parents did allot for us growing up and its only natural we want to return the favor later in life when they are unable to achieve it themselves.

So lets look at the destination, Klamath Ca, home of the Tree's of Mystery Redwood forests and some of the most beautiful beaches California has to offer. For many treks through the trees, breathing the fresh forest air, this is a must see destination. If you have never walked amongst the giant redwoods feeling like a spec of dust in comparison then you are missing out, the sheer size and grandeur of these amazing giants is overwhelming and yet peaceful at the same time. To think something has taken 100's of years to reach this point and is still so undisturbed. So I am hopeful that all you who read this latest addition of my blog head on over to and check out all the cool things!

Thanks For Reading