Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Bowl of Soup Theory!

So what is "The Bowl of Soup Theory"?

Well let us start at the beginning years ago my boss one day, while working our both horrid retail Jobs had finished with a most difficult customer, one of those people who can't comprehend that when you order something The Enterprise dose not instantaneously beam it into your sore room.
So after the painful 20 min ordeal of explaining that it in fact has to be put on a truck and then driven to our store first before it can be picked up, he turned to me and said "Yup the bowl of soup theory". I puzzled asked exactly what that was, he then stated the bowl of soup theory applied to Stupid people, seriously stupid people, not the average idiot but those people who you are amazed managed to survive life they are so stupid. So he went on to say the only reason these people do survive is because occasionally through luck they fall head first into a bowl of soup and therefore get nourishment and continue living. So after that whenever I came across an exceedingly stupid person I would just say aloud "Huh the bowl of soup theory"! And leave it at that with nothing more said.

So why am I bringing it up again NOW you may ask? Well I recently went on a vacation to Yellowstone National Park, a lovely place by the way. If your not familiar with the park, while driving through the park there are many a traffic jam due to Animal sightings, a bison or elk, maybe some swans. You get used to them. So on my last day as we drove back to the west entrance from the Upper Loop as its called, we run into a traffic jam, so sitting patently we begin to see people getting out of their cars and running up the road. (Yes Leaving their cars sitting there blocking the road). So then people get out from behind in front of us, and just run up ahead, getting annoyed at this point I am thinking OK I don't care if this is a National Park Traffic rules still apply.

Some time later a women comes walking back and is telling everyone there is a BEAR up ahead, so even more people get out of their cars with their KIDS and run up ahead. Now I am really mad, WHY?

Question 1 "How big is a Bear? = Answer: About 500lbs
Question 2 "What do bears eat" = Answer: Meat (not excluding dumb tourists and their kids)
Question 3 "Dose a bear care that you just want a picture" = Answer: NO

So now there is a human smorgasbord all ogling the bear which is about 5 ft away, taking pictures and hollering how exciting this is. I at this point am hoping that bear just ate itself a big ole elk and doesn't want fillet of tourist. And I am thinking so if the Bear begins chowing down on the buffet of idoits is this a Kodak moment or a MasterCard commercial.

Yellowstone 7 day Pass $25
New Tennis Shoes $65
Camera $300

Being eaten by a bear while trying to take a picture of it , Stupid but Priceless!
For the medical bills there is MasterCard......

So I say to you all The Bowl of Soup Theory exists and is being practiced all over the world and in July 2010 it was being practiced in Yellowstone National Park Wyoming.

But in case your worried, Nobody was hurt, about 10 min's into the Stupidity the wonderful Park Rangers Showed up and broke up the show, they had guns. Made everyone go back to their cars and move along. As we passed they shook their heads, as did we.

Thanks for reading everyone!