Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simply By Bex

Back this week to look at my newest favorite shop on etsy. The positively NOT simple, Simplybybex shop . Blown away by the breath taking detail in every flower right down to the pollen, will be your thoughts exactly. And impressive they wouldn't be, if they were plastic, however they aren't plastic! Petal by petal they are hand made out of clay by hand no molding here.
Looking through Bex's Shop you wont just see hair pins like the one in the picture to the left, but whole floral arrangement center pieces. Perfect for weddings, anniversary's, gifts, or just something to have on hand for the holidays and dinner party's. Flowers that wont die or wilt, never loose their color, and are unique to you since they are custom orders. Perhaps you live in California like me and would love to have a floral display of Poppy's at your table or in your china cabinet, perhaps some Peony's , Iris's, or Roses. As always in my blog pieces about fellow etsyain shops I like to add a few words from the shop owners, who always have insightful words about their love for their crafts.
"My name is Rebecca aka "Bex." I named my shop SimplyByBex because I figure "Bex" will be easier to remember and more catchy. I specialized in custom floral arrangement and accessories for special occasion. What's different about my shop is that all of the flowers you see are all made out of air dry clay. No molds were used. Instead, all of the flowers are created one petal at a time and arrangement in such a way to capture the beauty of real flowers. Once they are dried the flowers are very light, yet durable. These types of flowers make great keepsake and gifts for yourself or others!"
My first visit to Bex Shop was through the etsy forums where I was once again looking for an amazing shop to write about in my blog, Bex was my first post, but after looking at her shop I couldn't get the images of flowers out of my head. So I knew nobody else would do, I had to write about the amazing floral displays. The detail of the flowers and realistic look as if they had been plunked from a rose bush minutes ago, grabbed me. So if your looking for something special this season for your dinner table or to decoration in your house, SimplyByBex should be your first stop. I am just crazy for these flora displays and accessories, and I know you will be to once you stroll through Bex's shop. Thanks Bex for introducing me to your amazing shop.
This Shop will also be featured in my upcoming news letter, so join my mailing list. And while your at it follow Bex's on facebook and her blog.