Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simply By Bex

Back this week to look at my newest favorite shop on etsy. The positively NOT simple, Simplybybex shop . Blown away by the breath taking detail in every flower right down to the pollen, will be your thoughts exactly. And impressive they wouldn't be, if they were plastic, however they aren't plastic! Petal by petal they are hand made out of clay by hand no molding here.
Looking through Bex's Shop you wont just see hair pins like the one in the picture to the left, but whole floral arrangement center pieces. Perfect for weddings, anniversary's, gifts, or just something to have on hand for the holidays and dinner party's. Flowers that wont die or wilt, never loose their color, and are unique to you since they are custom orders. Perhaps you live in California like me and would love to have a floral display of Poppy's at your table or in your china cabinet, perhaps some Peony's , Iris's, or Roses. As always in my blog pieces about fellow etsyain shops I like to add a few words from the shop owners, who always have insightful words about their love for their crafts.
"My name is Rebecca aka "Bex." I named my shop SimplyByBex because I figure "Bex" will be easier to remember and more catchy. I specialized in custom floral arrangement and accessories for special occasion. What's different about my shop is that all of the flowers you see are all made out of air dry clay. No molds were used. Instead, all of the flowers are created one petal at a time and arrangement in such a way to capture the beauty of real flowers. Once they are dried the flowers are very light, yet durable. These types of flowers make great keepsake and gifts for yourself or others!"
My first visit to Bex Shop was through the etsy forums where I was once again looking for an amazing shop to write about in my blog, Bex was my first post, but after looking at her shop I couldn't get the images of flowers out of my head. So I knew nobody else would do, I had to write about the amazing floral displays. The detail of the flowers and realistic look as if they had been plunked from a rose bush minutes ago, grabbed me. So if your looking for something special this season for your dinner table or to decoration in your house, SimplyByBex should be your first stop. I am just crazy for these flora displays and accessories, and I know you will be to once you stroll through Bex's shop. Thanks Bex for introducing me to your amazing shop.
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Spiraling into the Land of Magic Myths and Fairy tale's"

This week on my weekly blog I have the pleasure of visiting the Land of Magic Myths and Fairy tale's, a land where the old Celtic Fairy tale's are told and represented in the simplest of ways. Or in more simple terms I visited TheSpiralgodess shop on etsy. Where you can purchase anything from a Celtic heart pendant to a vial of Jack the rippers blood, anything and everything mystical and fairytale you can find on Ellen (the owner of spiralgodess) shop.

Whats Ellen's inspiration? Well for that I had to go to Ellen.
"Having always been a crafter, whether it’s making jewelery, baking or jam making, I always have new ideas popping into my head. I Love Fairy tale's and Magical stories, ever since I was a child and my Father gathered us around to tell us the ancient Irish Legends they have fueled my imagination. Now with my own children I get to relive them. So it seemed natural to me to include some of their elements in my creations. Vampires, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Witches, Wizards (evil or good) fascinate me. I remember the first time I heard the Snow White Fairytale, I wanted to know exactly how the Queen made her Magical Potions. So now I make my own and put them in my Magical Vials".

TheSpiralgodess shop is so whimsical you instantly love it, for its charm, for its Fantasy, after all who among us lovers of all things fairytale and fantasy don't love the whole idea of the Celtic past, the fairy tale's told of the magical thistles which would not be trod upon and would alert the Celts to the coming of the vikings. To the beautiful meaning behind the Celtic Knot, of endless love with no beginning or end. And lets hope like the grand Celtic knot that TheSpiralGodess never ends.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Stitch to pick with you!

If you're like me, and enjoy going to antique shops, browsing the hidden treasures in every nook and cranny, then I have a online version for you. Its the Etsy shop Stitchy Impressions You think you can tell what kind of things you may see in Stitchy's shop, well guess again, anything from the adorable spool dolls that come complete with box and certificate of authenticity to having a cute little birthday written on the bottoms along with there individual names. To antique finds like vintage horseshoes in their original box. And even to the incredibly adorable knit and crochet items, this shop is a treasure trove of goodies popping out at you. Its just like being in a well laid out antique store with crafts and all kids of handmade items as a bonus.

In Stitchy's shop you will see all kinds of reclaimed items turned into useful everyday necessity's. I personally love the corks, turned into name place holders, but who doesn't love the typewriter keys made into jewelery or the atlas pages made into tiny envelopes. But while your in Stitchy's shop which you MUST visit if its the only online shop you visit this week, take a look at the Crochet pillows and handbags, which I actually have one of the handbags, and I love it.

Lastly just when you think you have seen everything, there is the hilarious aspect thrown into Stitchy's shop, vintage Kotex's from 1950's still in the original packaging. Personally I loved seeing these, it made me laugh out loud and think wow they would be perfect for a menopause party as party favors what a hoot that would be as you sip your Margarita. This shop is so cute and Becky the owner really loves what she dose, and enjoying your work is a amazing thing these days. I love this shop and it will always remain on my favorites list. And should be on yours too.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

“It must be Decouverre”

This week I scaled back my endeavor for blogging about Etsy shops, picking only ONE to devote my time to. And Decouverre it is, if the name wasn’t intriguing enough take a look inside the world of stunning design in hand painted glass wear. Immediately the Art Deco & Art Nouveau influences are prominent, and capturing. As a former Student of Art myself both periods are my favorite, who amongst us all dose not marvel at the simplicity of beauty of Art Nouveau art pieces, the natural line of the flower or leaf captured in its whole.

Looking through Decouverre’s shop every Wine & Champagne glass has a uniqueness, and with hand painted items you can always be assured each one is one of a kind, never can a brush stroke be repeated each one unique in its own right. Taking inspiration from the above art moments was not Stephanie’s (the owner of Decouverre) only muse, taking her art from her love of Gardening all things stained glass, mosaic and her talented background in Fashion Design, she set off creating these fine works of art.

Stephanie: “I Just love making things. It is so satisfying to see something grow from rough sketch & scattered ideas to tangible object!. It is a true passion of mine. I do love Etsy. So much inspiration here from artisans all over the world!”

After taking a casual stroll around Decovurre’s shop I can guarantee you will feel any wine or champagne glass is inferior unless it’s a Decovurre one, I found myself unable to pick a favorite, so many gorgeous representations of nature. Although any would adorn a table with grace and beauty adding the extra sparkle most tables are lacking these days, true charm and beauty. A Perfect gift or indulgence for yourself.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

***Amazingly Amathyst ***

Amethyst have so many stages of beauty, weather it be a rough stone pulled from the ground sparkling lilac color, polished up chips, rounded into a bead or cut exquisitely and set in a pendant the amethyst is always stunning.

My love of the amethyst started at an early age, when I was given a rough amethyst stone about 60 carats, by a elderly gemologist who was a dear family friend. Treasuring this rough rock until this very day, as it sits nicely in my jewelry Armour.

So it was no shock when I found this lovely vintage 29+ carat amethyst pendant set in sterling silver, I had to have it. To take something vintage and add a touch of your own style is quite the task, where to start, and certainly you don't want to take the focus off the focal point being the pendant. So as my mind spun around the room I suddenly thought the 3 stages of an amethyst, the roughest stage I could put on a necklace would be amethyst chips, then work my way to polished beads and there in the center is cut polished and set in silver exquisite beauty, the focal point. So look at my finished product, and please leave your comments on what you think of it.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Life isn't Soap Simple, or is it!

Soap, probably not the first thing that comes to most people’s minds as an interesting topic, but yet it is a topic that to some of us is a very important. Today 1 in 5 Americans suffer from an Allergy, whether it be a soap allergy or food allergy, you personally are guaranteed to know someone who suffers in daily life from an allergy. Personally I am allergic to cats and most laundry detergents both make me itch badly and can cause severely red skin that seems to just thin the skin to a couple layers. So I was very intrigued when I discovered on the shop LifeSoapSimple, a wonderful treasure trove of all handmade gentle soaps.

So I asked “Kristi” the shop owner what made her decide to start making Soap of all things!
Kristi: “Like many soap makers, my venture in soap making began with...well, a rash. My then infant son was prone to itchy, rashy skin and none of the suggested OTC products were doing any good. In fact, many made the condition WORSE! After a full night of no sleep with a screaming 1 month old (only to discover the next morning his entire torso covered in a red rash from the lotion I had applied at bed time) I was determined to find something that really worked. I began research and tried a few home remedies that seemed to help and then......I found a soap making kit and the rest is history and here I am selling my soaps around the world”.

So looking at LifeSoapSimple’s shop you will see everything from bar soap to shaving soap for him, I was particularly interested in the home made lip balm, not only because lip balm is something I use every day but because in her women mind Kristi was smart and made it Chocolate orange. Yes Chocolate Lip Balm oh yeah give me some of that. All in all I really enjoyed looking at LifeSoapSimple and will most likely be buying some of the lip balm at least, but I think it’s a shop that really has a purpose and would be appreciated by allot of people out there they just need to find there way to and shop. Thanks Kristi for introducing me to your wonderful shop it was a privilege to write about.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a Wonderland on Etsy!

Down the Rabbit hole I go today to explore the Tea Party Whimsy Shop on Etsy , a Whimsical place full of fun and fantastic artwork in a very non everyday craft. Looking through the shop you’re childhood days of reading “Alice in Wonderland” come back, and who is to say we as adults can’t have ourselves a Whimsical Wonderland Tea party adorned with mini top hats, little tea hats and of course Giant Teacups for our tea.

What’s the inspiration behind TeaPartyWhimsy, for this I had to go straight to its creator, her comments made me smile, and brought back my own childhood? Mentioning that she wished she had Spinning teacups in her back yard brightly colored and vibrant, and taking inspiration from other sources then “Alice in Wonderland” such as Tim Burton’s “Big Fish”. Using also Victorian influences of lace and cameo’s that appeal to all age groups, seen in the lovely hats and head bands and even the adorable tops adorned with lace and most interestingly dyed with tea.

So how do I feel about TeaPartyWhimsy? Well I am a mad hatter for it (You know at some point I had to mention the mad hatter!). It’s a adorable shop that takes you to a place in-between childhood and adulthood, a place where you’re still a kid and sitting at a table in the wood’s with rabbits and mice wearing cute hats and drinking tea, talking about the evil queen (who is probably your boss or mother in law) and devising ways of dethroning her to make wonderland a better place. TeaPartyWhimsy will remain one of my favorite shops from now on, and I think all little girls would love a “Absolutely Alice Tea Party” thrown with goodies of all kinds from TeaPartyWhimsy. This is a place to stop a while, have some tea and enjoy.

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