Sunday, August 15, 2010

“It must be Decouverre”

This week I scaled back my endeavor for blogging about Etsy shops, picking only ONE to devote my time to. And Decouverre it is, if the name wasn’t intriguing enough take a look inside the world of stunning design in hand painted glass wear. Immediately the Art Deco & Art Nouveau influences are prominent, and capturing. As a former Student of Art myself both periods are my favorite, who amongst us all dose not marvel at the simplicity of beauty of Art Nouveau art pieces, the natural line of the flower or leaf captured in its whole.

Looking through Decouverre’s shop every Wine & Champagne glass has a uniqueness, and with hand painted items you can always be assured each one is one of a kind, never can a brush stroke be repeated each one unique in its own right. Taking inspiration from the above art moments was not Stephanie’s (the owner of Decouverre) only muse, taking her art from her love of Gardening all things stained glass, mosaic and her talented background in Fashion Design, she set off creating these fine works of art.

Stephanie: “I Just love making things. It is so satisfying to see something grow from rough sketch & scattered ideas to tangible object!. It is a true passion of mine. I do love Etsy. So much inspiration here from artisans all over the world!”

After taking a casual stroll around Decovurre’s shop I can guarantee you will feel any wine or champagne glass is inferior unless it’s a Decovurre one, I found myself unable to pick a favorite, so many gorgeous representations of nature. Although any would adorn a table with grace and beauty adding the extra sparkle most tables are lacking these days, true charm and beauty. A Perfect gift or indulgence for yourself.

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