Thursday, August 12, 2010

***Amazingly Amathyst ***

Amethyst have so many stages of beauty, weather it be a rough stone pulled from the ground sparkling lilac color, polished up chips, rounded into a bead or cut exquisitely and set in a pendant the amethyst is always stunning.

My love of the amethyst started at an early age, when I was given a rough amethyst stone about 60 carats, by a elderly gemologist who was a dear family friend. Treasuring this rough rock until this very day, as it sits nicely in my jewelry Armour.

So it was no shock when I found this lovely vintage 29+ carat amethyst pendant set in sterling silver, I had to have it. To take something vintage and add a touch of your own style is quite the task, where to start, and certainly you don't want to take the focus off the focal point being the pendant. So as my mind spun around the room I suddenly thought the 3 stages of an amethyst, the roughest stage I could put on a necklace would be amethyst chips, then work my way to polished beads and there in the center is cut polished and set in silver exquisite beauty, the focal point. So look at my finished product, and please leave your comments on what you think of it.

Thanks for reading.

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