Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a Wonderland on Etsy!

Down the Rabbit hole I go today to explore the Tea Party Whimsy Shop on Etsy , a Whimsical place full of fun and fantastic artwork in a very non everyday craft. Looking through the shop you’re childhood days of reading “Alice in Wonderland” come back, and who is to say we as adults can’t have ourselves a Whimsical Wonderland Tea party adorned with mini top hats, little tea hats and of course Giant Teacups for our tea.

What’s the inspiration behind TeaPartyWhimsy, for this I had to go straight to its creator, her comments made me smile, and brought back my own childhood? Mentioning that she wished she had Spinning teacups in her back yard brightly colored and vibrant, and taking inspiration from other sources then “Alice in Wonderland” such as Tim Burton’s “Big Fish”. Using also Victorian influences of lace and cameo’s that appeal to all age groups, seen in the lovely hats and head bands and even the adorable tops adorned with lace and most interestingly dyed with tea.

So how do I feel about TeaPartyWhimsy? Well I am a mad hatter for it (You know at some point I had to mention the mad hatter!). It’s a adorable shop that takes you to a place in-between childhood and adulthood, a place where you’re still a kid and sitting at a table in the wood’s with rabbits and mice wearing cute hats and drinking tea, talking about the evil queen (who is probably your boss or mother in law) and devising ways of dethroning her to make wonderland a better place. TeaPartyWhimsy will remain one of my favorite shops from now on, and I think all little girls would love a “Absolutely Alice Tea Party” thrown with goodies of all kinds from TeaPartyWhimsy. This is a place to stop a while, have some tea and enjoy.

Thanks for Reading.

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