Friday, August 6, 2010

Life isn't Soap Simple, or is it!

Soap, probably not the first thing that comes to most people’s minds as an interesting topic, but yet it is a topic that to some of us is a very important. Today 1 in 5 Americans suffer from an Allergy, whether it be a soap allergy or food allergy, you personally are guaranteed to know someone who suffers in daily life from an allergy. Personally I am allergic to cats and most laundry detergents both make me itch badly and can cause severely red skin that seems to just thin the skin to a couple layers. So I was very intrigued when I discovered on the shop LifeSoapSimple, a wonderful treasure trove of all handmade gentle soaps.

So I asked “Kristi” the shop owner what made her decide to start making Soap of all things!
Kristi: “Like many soap makers, my venture in soap making began with...well, a rash. My then infant son was prone to itchy, rashy skin and none of the suggested OTC products were doing any good. In fact, many made the condition WORSE! After a full night of no sleep with a screaming 1 month old (only to discover the next morning his entire torso covered in a red rash from the lotion I had applied at bed time) I was determined to find something that really worked. I began research and tried a few home remedies that seemed to help and then......I found a soap making kit and the rest is history and here I am selling my soaps around the world”.

So looking at LifeSoapSimple’s shop you will see everything from bar soap to shaving soap for him, I was particularly interested in the home made lip balm, not only because lip balm is something I use every day but because in her women mind Kristi was smart and made it Chocolate orange. Yes Chocolate Lip Balm oh yeah give me some of that. All in all I really enjoyed looking at LifeSoapSimple and will most likely be buying some of the lip balm at least, but I think it’s a shop that really has a purpose and would be appreciated by allot of people out there they just need to find there way to and shop. Thanks Kristi for introducing me to your wonderful shop it was a privilege to write about.

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