Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Stitch to pick with you!

If you're like me, and enjoy going to antique shops, browsing the hidden treasures in every nook and cranny, then I have a online version for you. Its the Etsy shop Stitchy Impressions You think you can tell what kind of things you may see in Stitchy's shop, well guess again, anything from the adorable spool dolls that come complete with box and certificate of authenticity to having a cute little birthday written on the bottoms along with there individual names. To antique finds like vintage horseshoes in their original box. And even to the incredibly adorable knit and crochet items, this shop is a treasure trove of goodies popping out at you. Its just like being in a well laid out antique store with crafts and all kids of handmade items as a bonus.

In Stitchy's shop you will see all kinds of reclaimed items turned into useful everyday necessity's. I personally love the corks, turned into name place holders, but who doesn't love the typewriter keys made into jewelery or the atlas pages made into tiny envelopes. But while your in Stitchy's shop which you MUST visit if its the only online shop you visit this week, take a look at the Crochet pillows and handbags, which I actually have one of the handbags, and I love it.

Lastly just when you think you have seen everything, there is the hilarious aspect thrown into Stitchy's shop, vintage Kotex's from 1950's still in the original packaging. Personally I loved seeing these, it made me laugh out loud and think wow they would be perfect for a menopause party as party favors what a hoot that would be as you sip your Margarita. This shop is so cute and Becky the owner really loves what she dose, and enjoying your work is a amazing thing these days. I love this shop and it will always remain on my favorites list. And should be on yours too.

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