Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Gealic Language is close to me Because

Back in the USA after many years abroad in Scotland, the Celtic ways and traditions imbedded deep in my skin. Raised in Scotland since the age of 11, bring many a colorful experience.

Scotland, by far the most beautiful country anyone could hope to visit or be raised in my case. Full of tradition and honor, and full of proud Scotts, and with blustering beauty at every angle, who could not come to adore the country and its people. From a tiny Village on the River Clyde known as Gourock, home of beautiful scenery, tales of witches being burned, Druid’s in the forests and mysterious Viking history. The River Clyde a picturesque blue river inlet from the sea, running from the mouth of the North Atlantic Ocean to the very rivers of Glasgow, the river Clyde has a historical ship building past, which sadly today has all but gone from the area.
After Graduating High school and continuing on to College where I majored in Advanced Construction and Interior Design, after which our family was shook by Breast Cancer, a long battle for my Aunt and namesake. Beat it she did and in true

Scottish gumption she showed cancer who was boss. And not till many years later after moving back to the USA in 2008 would my family know true tragedy in a Brain Cancer diagnosis that had no hope. But Hope we did, and to that we were beat by the Cancer and lost a dear loved one in the most horrific way.
And that is why I started this Shop, Ta Muid Beo, Gaelic meaning “We are Alive”, after searching for months for beautiful quality Brain Cancer awareness bracelets for my family members I realized there are so many types of cancer and no awareness bracelets to recognize the struggle of the family’s

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