Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why ? Cancer Awareness Bracelets

"Ta Muid Beo", Gaelic meaning "We are Alive", is a shop I have created in memory of toughs I have lost to cancer. I created Wrap & Single strand bracelet from Swarovski Crystal beads and enjoy selling them way below the competition's prices which can be as high as $120. The goal is to spread awareness about all the different cancers and diseases that effect family's.

I began this endeavours when on a search to find Brain Cancer awareness bracelets for me and my family members, after finding almost nothing, I realized only a few cancers are represented in the market of awareness bracelets, and to find a truly beautiful one under $90 was almost impossible. Now with a large inventory and equipped with the loving memory of lost loved ones I hope to head out to craft fairs and sell affordable and beautiful bracelets to people, so that we all can be aware.

On a more personal note, my first project of course was to make 10 wrap bracelets for my family members, package them up and send them off. Unaware of this idea my family members I can say were truly shocked upon receipt of the little brown envelopes with round filigree tins inside. And these little tins tied with a bow, adorned with a happy picture of our lost loved one with poem, and inside the tin wrapped up in tissue paper were Grey Swarovski Crystal beaded wrap bracelets with charms, charms that were personal to us all. Tears of sadness and happiness followed each family member at opening and reading the poem. And to that they are all worn even now everyday as a reminder that we all will never forget.

"Even thou I am gone, there is no end to my love" C.R.P 1952 - 2009

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  1. Nice blog, there's always a way to remember loved ones.